The car wash business is one of the sectors that XAG Properties has an extensive amount of expertise to offer. We understand the importance of location and we invite the challenge of finding the best location for your business. Location analysis, market demand, and business research is just a few examples of the due diligence we offer and supply to achieve your business’s success as well as connecting you with industry leading car wash equipment suppliers. Vetting your properties location would include the study of traffic counts, demographics, growth potential, and most importantly, visibility. We work hand in hand with you, from the beginning to guarantee a seamless experience.  A general scope of what you can expect is as follows:
  • Pad site location research, negotiation, and closings
  • Connecting with financing experts for banking needs
  • Creating a realistic timeline for the development stages
  • Introducing clients to recommended business executives to work alongside the development process such as architects, engineers, surveyors, and contractors
  • Promotion strategies for awareness

We help our clients find the perfect location and demographics for their new entrepreneurial journey. Assistance with site design, and business analytics combined with our expertise in the industry results in being the best in the market.


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