Your Business Success, Is Ours.

          At XAG Management we take pride in legendary customer service when communicating with tenants, prospective tenants, owners, and vendors but also to focus on productivity and results. As your Management Company we are responsible for implementation and administration of policies, procedures and programs on a day-to-day basis that will assure the retail center is well managed. We sell every aspect of the retail space and pursue every target audience due to our owner-minded perspective. XAG Management maintains a favorable capitalization rate due to our mix of franchise tenants and local businesses through our stringent underwriting process. At XAG, we strive to increase cash flow and reduce overall expenses with an off-site location which allows for additional rentable space at each property.

          Our responsibility is to ensure all tenants have an excellent experience through good communication and strong relationships, which is vital to our business success and most importantly the success of our tenants. It is our goal to make your experience from build-out to your grand opening and throughout your lease as seamless and enjoyable as possible. The management team is excited and ready to work with you!